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Annu Kapoor defends controversial new film

The lead actor of upcoming film ‘Hamare Baarah’ has spoken out after receiving death threats over its bold and controversial narrative, which shows the reality of women’s sufferings.

Ever since the film’s fiery teaser dropped, social media has been ablaze with threats and criticism aimed at actors and those involved in its production. ‘Hamare Baarah’ explores the critical issue of population growth in India and the challenges faced by women.

Veteran actor Annu Kapoor, has since spoken out urging people to withhold judgement until they have seen the film, which is set for world-wide release on June 7.

Picture: Aniket

He has even shared a video on social media asking for police protection because of the death threats he and other members of the crew have been receiving.

“The film advocates women empowerment and talks about the rights of women. First watch the film and then give your verdict. People have the freedom to speak their minds on social media but they should not abuse. Don’t abuse or give death threats. We will not be scared by these things,” the actor said in the video.

In ‘Hamare Baarah,’ Mr Kapoor plays the lead role of a father with 11 children. 

“He is a conservative orthodox’ father who is very much associated with his doctrine which he follows strictly and adamantly and he does not allow his daughters to work,” the veteran actor tells Pukaar. 

“This premise is the main scenario of the movie, which talks about the empowerment of women in general and respect to womanhood. It deals with very severe and serious problem related with population.

“Mother Earth is bearing a lot of burden as far as the population is concerned. People are dying with hunger. Before giving birth, if everyone could think about the future of the children, their education and their well-being, this earth can be a better place for everyone,” he explained.

Picture: Aniket

“The United Kingdom may not be having a problem with population but we in India are dealing with this problem and the empowerment and status of women in every society irrespective of their caste, religion and creed. When we go back 1,000 years Joan of Arc was burned alive because she was labelled and she was being accused of practicing witchcraft. 

“It’s high time we reevaluate and we must have a different perspective of women and we must give the proper and due respect for the womanhood.”

Annu was in London recently promoting the film, alongside its director Kamal Chandra, producers Ravi Gupta, Sanjay Nagpal and others.

In the film, a woman takes her father to court to allow her mother, who is in the middle of a risky pregnancy, the right to terminate the pregnancy in order to save her life.

It is written by Rajan Agarwal and premiered at the prestigious 77th Cannes Film Festival, marking a momentous milestone for Indian cinema.

Speaking of the hype around the groundbreaking film, Mr Kapoor said: “Some people will like it, some will hate it and it’s going to create some negative and positive buzz. We are prepared for it and we have already started getting hate mail and hate speeches. When people make this kind of film they should be ready for the claps as well as abuses.

“Some films are made just for entertainment, some are made to say something and to give some message on significant issues. This is both. It is made primarily to entertain, but if one per cent gets a message and goes through a catharsis or purification of emotions, that’s well and good for us. We will feel blessed and fortunate. If a person watches and says ‘I have changed my views on womanhood and views on how to respect women, I will feel blessed and extremely fortunate.’

Mr Kapoor is highly regarded, having been in the acting industry for over 40 years. He is set to relieve a Pride of India award on June 5.

Asked about his acting legacy, he told Pukaar: “I don’t consider myself an achiever at all. I’m here to do my best with sincerity whatever work is given to me by anyone.

“The time has come when the world needs good human beings. We have had many geniuses in numerous fields but unfortunately this world has stopped producing good human beings. We need good human beings more than geniuses in different fields.

“Be humble, be full of love because this is the only way this world can survive and can be a better place to live.”

To watch the trailer for ‘Hamare Baarah,’ visit:

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