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A glamourous 21-year-old dancer from Leicester has become the latest contestant to enter Love Island – a popular entertainment programme currently being shown on ITV.

Danica Taylor is taking part in the eighth season of Love Island, and she is confident about her chances of success on the show, which she entered on Friday (June 17).

Picture: Danica Taylor

Danica made her grand entrance on the popular show by appearing in a giant clam during a sea-themed challenge on the show, which is watched by an average of 4.2 million viewers.

Before she entered the villa, Danica warned: “I am definitely going to go in there and step on a few toes, and I am more than happy to go after what I want.

“I don’t really see competition, I am a very self assured girl, I know myself, I know what I bring to the table and there are stunning girls in that Villa but I back myself.

“There’s obviously going to be competition but I have no fear that I won’t be able to turn heads.”

When asked how her friends and family would describe her, she went on to say: “My mum always says I am a bit of a princess, a bit dramatic and always thinks I am right, which is very true.

“My friends would probably say I don’t hide from drama or arguments and I am a good friend.”

“I can shake my bum to anything, give me any song, anything!” added the fun-loving singleton.

Danica, who specialises in Latin American and Samba Dancing, is quite prominent on social media where she has over 25,100 followers on Instagram and 35.1K on TikTok.

She has recently graduated university with a degree in dance, and works as a professional dancer at Chica Bonita Entertainment in Nottingham.

By appearing on Love Island, Danica has the chance to ‘find love’ and win £50,000 in cash by coupling up and winning the support of viewers.

The show has been highly successful and influential in British popular culture. It became ITV2’S most watched show in the network’s history in 2018, and as of 2020 was the most watched TV show among its target audience of 16-34 year olds.

Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2 and on the ITV Hub.

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