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Leicester has its say on new fairtrade model

Leicester has had its say on Sainsbury’s decision to remove the Fairtrade Foundation from their own-brand tea boxes, with their own foundation being installed instead.

The new foundation, called Fairly Traded, started earlier this year but has faced great criticism with over 100,000 signatures signed in petition, ahead of a day of action commencing this Saturday, against the change.

Fairtrade Foundation producers say they have concerns over Fairly Traded and stated it could “bring about dis-empowerment”.

In Leicester, is Just Fair trade, a non-profit organisation which is dedicated to fair trade products with a team of staff and volunteers running the three-storey shop which has been in the city for 17 years.

Shop Manager, Kerry Headley, has “concerns” over Fairly Traded and said:

“We’d like Sainsbury’s to stay with the fairtrade mark and commit to that.

“It’s growing in recognition from consumers and we’d like them to stick to that and allow farmers to make their own decision on how to spend their social premium.”

Sainsbury’s state that Fairly Traded will “empower tea farmers”, in addition to teaching them extra skills to let their business and community grow.


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