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Leicester Student to Feature in ‘Ambitious’ New BBC Drama

A Leicester performing arts student has landed a part in a major new BBC drama directed by Michael Sheen.

Sharing the screen with top stars like Steffan Rhodri, Sophie Melville and Luke Evans is a dream come true for Sam Locke, who has landed a plum role in Michael Sheen’s new star-studded TV drama.

Leicester Time: Leicester Student to Feature in 'Ambitious' New BBC Drama
Picture: Sam Locke

The final year student who comes from Merthyr Tydfil in Wales but has been living in Leicester for his studies, will star as Constable Ryan in ‘The Way’, with filming for the three-part drama taking place in Port Talbot. He said: “It’s my first TV role and I was thrilled to get it. It’s amazing that I have landed a TV role before I have even graduated.

“I have been very lucky as my agent arranged for me to audition for a different part in this drama, but I didn’t get it. I didn’t hear anything more for some months and I didn’t think any more about it.

“Then in March, out of the blue, my agent rang me back to say that the producers wanted to give me a different part from the one I auditioned for – and that was the one of Constable Ryan. It was quite a compliment and I’d like to think that I had made a good impression!

‘The Way’ tells the story of the Driscolls who are an “ordinary family caught up in an extraordinary chain of events” that puts their place in their home town at risk.

It is created, co-written and directed by acclaimed actor Sheen, alongside James Graham and Adam Curtis.

Sam can’t reveal too much about the plot of the drama but says it has been described by the BBC as ‘ambitious, powerful and surprising’, featuring the Driscoll family forced to escape the country they’ve always called home.

Sam appears in the first two episodes of the three-parter and has a small speaking role. He plays the sidekick to Sophie Melville’s police officer Driscoll.

The whole production is due to complete at the end of June.

My family always said I was destined for the stage,” joked Sam, 22. “My Aunt Donna has been active in theatre for many years and was a great inspiration to me.

“I have been trained for acting on the stage and have also done a few short films – but this BBC programme is a step in the right direction for my career.”

Once he has finished filming, Sam is planning to continue to audition for roles and is also working with a small group of artists formed of DMU students to create performances by local talent in Leicester.

‘The Way’ is made by Red Seam for the BBC in association with Little Door Productions.

It will be broadcast on BBC One and iPlayer at a later date.

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