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Leicestershire Police Face More Financial Cuts

On Tuesday Leicestershire police revealed the latest changes that will take place to the force over the coming years due to public spending cuts.



According to the plan the force will be smaller, with officers only in posts that require warranted powers or specific expertise, officers will spend more time on front line duties than the the national average, there will be increased accessibility for policing remotely through technology and social media and a reduced number of large stations and an increase in smaller bases, some within partner buildings.


Sir Clive Loader, Leicester Police and Crime Commissioner said “this is the latest series of changes in something that has been going in for 4 years since the austerity measures came in”


“the force has saved £20 million in running costs over the last four years and crime has come down by 30% overall in that process, the issue of course is that we have another £15 milion or there about that we have to find in the next couple of years, and that has got to be done whilst we also deliver the police and crime plan and we keep communities and neighbourhoods safe”


In the county reported crime since 2010/11 has been down by 29.5% with burglary down by 24%, motor vehicle theft down by 41.9% and robbery down by 41.9%.

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