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Leicestershire’s Fire Service Donate Engine to Somalia


Today saw one of Leicestershire’s retired fire engines being donated to a Somali Fire and Emergency Department.


Chief Fire Officer Abdulahi Mohamed was previously working with the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service before being recruited by the Mogadishu Fire and Emergency Services Department in Somalia. Since the Somali civil war from 1991 to 2006, the fire service has worked tirelessly to rebuild itself, with Officer Mohamed at the forefront of the restructure. Today, he was presented with a Dennis Saber fire engine to further develop their fire and rescue service.


fire-engine3Chief Fire and Rescue Officer Dave Webb told Pukaar News about the worth of the fire engine to Somalia, “The value is immense, having yet another fire engine to rescue and protect people. We hope it’ll make a big difference to cover the area they have to cover in Mogadishu city.”


In addition to the engine, various tools including hose reels, ladders and lamps, were also donated in order to really strengthen Mogadishu’s fire department. Firefighters at the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters in Birstall, were delighted to hand over their previously used equipment to a very worthy cause. Officer Mohamed told Pukaar News “This is a very big day. We are very proud and very happy to get the fire engine.”


fire-engine2Councillor Steve Corrall, Chair of the Combined Fire Authority, said: “I am delighted to represent the Fire Authority on this and I am extremely pleased that we can support Somalia in this way in their attempts to sustain a fire and rescue service.”


This engine will be the fourth in the Mogadishu’s fleet, and is sure to provide much needed support to boost their emergency service department. Officer Webb continued, “I’m delighted that we are able to provide this fire appliance to Somalia and I know it will greatly assist my colleague Mr Abdulahi Mohamed in developing their fire and rescue service in Somalia.”



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