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The Curve Theatre in Leicester celebrated its 5th Birthday today with a fun-filled day for all to enjoy. Planned events alongside a ground-breaking world record attempt attracted vast crowds to take part in this monumental spectacular. In honour of the discovery of Richard III in March 2013, the people’s theatre opted to invite thousands from all over in hope of breaking the most people wearing a paper crown World Record.


At 9.30am crowds were gathering at the entrance doors ready for a day of creative fun and overwhelming entertainment. The theatre, studio, mezzanine and rehearsal rooms had back to back activities throughout the day ranging from in-house Director Paul Kerryson’s speech to free dance workshops for over 55’s. As you entered the theatre foyer you were transformed to a world bursting with energy and light where all things creative were brought to life. People were encouraged to make their crown stand tall and decorate them. A craft workshop with paints and crowns took place in the café area which provided a lot of fun for children and adults alike whilst the Trundlehonk family-friendly walkabout show brought live music and rousing comedy to the visitors of the event.


The grand opening at 10am saw the crowds multiply as they got ready to enter the theatre for that all important record attempt. The audience partook in mass reading of the opening speech of William Shakespeare’s Richard III play which brought about a sense of pride amongst the city’s residents. As something that represents the history and cultural growth of Leicester, this event managed to incorporate local community performances, the history of Leicester and share the path to success of the Curve 5 years on. Seats were soon filled as the countdown begun with a special celebration for a young girl who also turns 5 years old this weekend. BBC Radio Leicester’s Tony Wadsworth begun the countdown as people waved their flags ready to be part of the momentous event. Fancy dress was a popular option for many of the visitors today. Regal attire and foil made swords could be spotted through the many audiences that gathered round the performers.


A stage set up in the foyer for alongside a piano in the café drew lots of attention to visitors who were catching a quick cup of coffee before heading to their next performance. Backstage guided tours of the Curve were running throughout the day to invite the people of Leicestershire to gain a real insight into what the Curve theatre has done for the community in terms of opportunity and how that has expanded over the last few years. The magic of theatre was not all that was unveiled today with artists, balloonists and prop experts on stand-by to explain their trade. Comedy performances sponsored by Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival, Sabras Radio and technical demonstrations were just some of the other activities this open day had on offer.


Chief Executive Fiona Allan was keen to express her gratitude to the community, she said, “I think it’s like when you organise a great big birthday and you’re worried what would happen if nobody turned up. We arrived early and by 9.30am people were gathering at the doors. It was both a feeling of great relief and gratitude.”


“Today has been about really throwing our doors open to the community, not just theatre lover’s but people from all over, and showing them that well, this is your theatre so come and enjoy it and see what we have to offer. But at the same time we want people from around the nation and the world to think, wow, there’s some great theatre and exhibitions coming out of Leicester”


“So far it’s been a fun-filled day for all the groups performing and the public. It’s great to be showing the public what our community has to offer for those in and around Leicestershire and beyond.”


With the play in a day performance and the Dance 2 Funky music bringing the day to a close it is safe to say that Leicester’s community has been uplifted today and enriched with all the colourful arts and crafts our city has to offer.

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