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Let’s Talk More Episode 6 – Ameerah Dawood, Local Leicester Artist

Art is an incredibly important part of society and has been for thousands of years. Often, artists are dismissed as being unskilled, lazy, and generally not needed by older generations and workaholics. This misunderstanding has always been damaging to the lives of artistic folks around the world, but the reality is, our need for art in all its forms is stronger than ever. Visual art such as paintings and sketches inspires the uninspired and boosts our mood; digital art helps businesses form brands and promote goods and services; music has fed the soul for centuries, boosting productivity and happiness.

The idea that artists and art are pointless is a terribly sad idea. In itself, these beliefs are the perfect testament to how much we truly need a world full of colourful paintings and melodious songs. Local artist Ameerah Dawood, studied and honed her talents in Manchester. During this latest episode of Let’s Talk More, she spoke to Romail Gulzar about the support she gets from her family, who are rooted in the world of law. Ameerah’s creativity has recently opened the door to a career opportunity, producing a large lobby piece for a multi-million-pound company in London.

Ameerah also talks about the positive impact of art and artistic expression on mental health. “It makes such a difference to your every day, seeing these creative elements in your life,” said Ameerah. “These colours pop up, there’s a mural of something random on your commute to the office—it might make that day going to the office just a little bit brighter.”

Listen to Ameerah’s positive outlook on the arts and her wonderful opportunity below:

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