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Sacred “Akshat Kalash” Vessel Visits Leicester

A sacred ‘Akshat Kalash’ vessel touring Hindu temples across the UK arrived in Leicester at the weekend.

Hundreds of devotees, including local dignitaries, took part in a special ceremony at the Shree Hanuman Temple on Melton Road.

It’s part of the upcoming historic consecration of the new Shree Ram Temple in Ayodhya, India.

The ‘Akshat Kalash’ vessel contains blessed ‘Akshat’ from the inauguration ceremony which took place in November 2023. 

Picture: Mike Sewell

Rajesh Patel, Secretary, Shree Hanuman Temple said: “The new temple in Ayodhya marks a major moment in history for Hindus all over the world as this will be cited at the believed birthplace of Lord Shree Ram.

“It is traditional to give ‘Akshat’ with an invitation card for auspicious events and so this vessel represents a special invitation from Lord Shree Ram to his devotees to come and visit the new temple in Ayodhya in the future.

“We feel honoured and blessed to receive the ‘Akshat Kalash’ as the purchase of our temple here in Leicester was completed on 22nd January 2021 and coincidently the new temple in Ayodhya will also be consecrated on 22nd January.”

Local councillors including Cllr Devi Singh-Patel, Cllr Geeta Karavadra, Cllr Hemant Rae Bhatia and former MP, Keith Vaz joined devotees to be blessed by the Akshat Kalash.

The Leicester part the tour was organised by Mrs Kavita Pawar and Mr Gajendra Pawar from the city after it was brought to the UK by Mr Vijay Yedage of Ireland Marathi Mandal and Mr Sudheer Barve.

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