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Leading building products manufacturer Forterra has donated around 1,000 bricks to Ashby School in Leicestershire for its construction students to use on their bricklaying courses.

Approximately three tonnes of the company’s Ecostock bricks, made at its plant in nearby Measham, were delivered to the school’s construction centre to help train young housebuilders, as part of the firm’s education program.

Photo Credit: Forterra

The rise in homebuilding across the country has led to an increase in demand for trained bricklayers and Ashby School will have around 80 student bricklayers on its BTEC construction courses, some of whom are apprentice bricklayers with local homebuilders.

Design teacher Chris Worth said: “We would not be able to build without these bricks, so we are very grateful for the generous donation from Forterra. Each student will complete projects such as cavity walls and perfect techniques such as cutting and rolling and learn how to get things straight and plumb.”

Photo Credit: Forterra

Helen Newberry, Head of Marketing at Forterra, said, “When we heard about Ashby School’s need for bricks we thought it was a worthwhile cause that we could contribute to.

“We hope our bricks help the students learn the skills needed to become the next generation of bricklayers and we wish them all the best in their future careers.”

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