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West Midlands Attempt to Break the World Bhangra Record with a Bang

Over 2,100 participants are expected to gather in the West Midlands on August 10, in a bid to break the world bhangra record for the most Bhangra dancers attempting a choreographed routine under one roof.


The last record in the Guiness Book of World Records consisted of 2,100 dancers in traditional Punjabi costume dancing together in Ludhiana, Punjab in November 2010. However, organisers are confident they will be able to beat this.


Event coordinator Gurcharan Mall (more commonly known as King G Mall) said: “We’ve got people coming down from as far as Canada, America and India to take part in the attempt. We’ve put a video of the routine up on Youtube and have already had over 3,000 hits. Everyone has been talking about it and everyone has been very encouraging.”


Household names such as Shin from DCS, Sardara Gill and Sukshinder Shinda are all confirmed to attend the event, with many others yet to be confirmed.


Everyone over the age of ten is invited to take part, with the only prerequisite being, that you have to come dressed in traditional Punjabi attire. The steps for the routine can be viewed on Youtube, however Gurcharan added that there will be live performers on stage to assist all the participants.


Some of the biggest dhol players will also be showcasing their talent, at what is piped to be, one of the biggest and most colourful Punjabi events taking place in the UK.


The event is due to be held at the Sant Nirankari Mandal, Potters Lane, in Wednesbury.


Registration is at 4pm, with the main event due to start at 6pm.


For further information please contact Gurcharan Mall on 07721400422 or HS Bhatia on 0797188173.


Pukaar News on 0845 500 5052 or email

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