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Wistow Maze Re-opens for 10th Year


Wistow Maze is one of the countries largest maize mazes and has re-opened for the summer.  This year the maze has taken a historic theme due to the finding of King Richard III’s remains, and has taken on his emblem, a wild boar.


Set in 8 acres of living maize and sunflower crop, the mazes has over 3 miles of pathway and incorporates 10ft high bridges and viewing towers which gives visitors panoramic views over the maze and countryside.


The maze is made of sweetcorn and grows so fast that the design can be changed every year.  Owner of the Maze Diane Brookes explains, “at the end of the season we cut it all down, feed it to the cows for their winter feed, then the following year we start all over again with a new design and a new quiz trail”


For more information go to or call 07884 403889








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