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Apache Indian Releases New Single to Encourage Young People to Vote

Birmingham based musician, Apache Indian has released a new single to encourage young people to vote in the upcoming general election.


‘Election Crisis’ was filmed on the streets of Handsworth, Birmingham where the 47 year reggae artist grew up.



Apache Indian rose to fame in the early nighties with the top five hit, Boom Shak-A-Lak, his latest single raises questions about unemployment, immigration, bankers bonuses, poverty and cuts to social services.


He said,  “Music brings people together, and together we can start to make changes or at least talk about these things”


“I think there is a confusion, especially when you look into politics and you see some of the shows there is a lot of bickering, lot of arguing, a lot blaming there is no clear cut answer and they feel let down


“young people are trying to start on the property ladder, trying start with jobs, trying to start their lives, and its proving difficult and sometimes they feel like they have just been left to work it out for themselves, and that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing, to step up and try and help these young people, who are very disconnected with politics”


The video features students from the Apache Indian Music Academy or A.I.M, which he set up two years ago to support young people in the community.  The students are seen alongside members of the public voting for A.I.M over other political parties.


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